Lebenslauf / Curriculum Vitae

Short updated version:



Since 2018 Lecturer on current political affairs (das Tagespolitische Colloquium) at the Institute of Pol. Sciences, Leibniz University Hannover

2007 – 2012 Lecturer on ‘UN and humanitarian Governance’, with focus on interdisciplinary analyses of international law, human rights, migration and refugee policy, peacekeeping operations at the Institute of Political Sciences, Leibniz University Hannover

2008-2012 Visiting Professor and Co-Chair of the UN Studies Project at the Government Department, Suffolk University, Boston, and faculty member at the Institute of Pol. Sciences, Leibniz University Hannover teaching ‘UN and humanitarian Governance’,focus on interdisciplinary analyses of int’tl legal, human rights, migration and refugee policy, peacekeeping etc.

Headed Offices/Operations/Missions of the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)

2007 (Feb.) Retired after nearly 30 years of UNHCR Service

2005–2006 On leave at MIT to complete and publish the UNHCR sponsored research project on “Refugee Policy in EURASIA”

2000-2005 Representative, UNHCR Branch Office for Bulgaria, Sofia, periodically UN Resident Coordinator a.i. in Bulgaria

2000 (6-9) Senior Regional Legal Advisor a.i., Bureau for Europe, UNHCR Headquarters Geneva

2000 91-5) UNHCR Research Scholar, Graduate Institute of Int’l. Studies, Geneva, Department of Intl. Protection, UNHCR

1997-1999 Head of the UNHCR Office for Kazakhstan, Almaty/Astana

1997-1999 Head of the UNHCR Office in Portugal, Lisbon

1990-1994 Senior European Affairs Officer/Acting Regional Representative Reg. Office to the EC/EU, Brussels; Belgium

1989-1990 Emergency Management Officer a.i (Early Warning Project), Headquarters Geneva; Switzerland

1989, 7 – 9 Coordinator, Namibian Repatriation Operation o/m in Luanda Angola and missions to Windhoek, Namibia

1989, 1 – 7 Acting Deputy Regional Representative o/m in Stockholm, for the Nordic Countries; Sweden

1986-1988 On study leave for completing postgraduate/doctoral work at Harvard University, USA

1985-1986 Deputy Representative in Tegucigalpa; Honduras (Central America)

1983-1985 Head of Sub-Office for Chile; Santiago

1981-1983 Area Desk Officer, Regional Bureau for Asia, Headquarters Geneva; Switzerland

1979-1981 Head of Sub-Office for Singapore; Singapore (co-created DISERO: Disembarkation Resettlement Offer)

1978/1979 Associate Resettlement Officer; Regional Office for South East Asia in Kuala Lumpur; Malaysia

1977/1978 O/m for implementing education programs for Southern African refugees in Sierra Leone and Senegal

1977/1978 Associate Program Officer, Education and Resettlement Section, Headquarters Geneva, Switzerland

Publications, see: http://www.luisedruke.com/books.htm, 13 books authored/co-edited and over 30 articles

Lectures, see: http://www.luisdruke.com/lectures1.htm since 1984 on UN, European refugee policy and law etc.


Doctor of Laws and Politology (honoris causa) from Shoumen University ‘Episkop Konstantin Preslavski’, Bulgaria, 2002

Ph.D. (Dr. Phil.).Polical Scienes, completed in Harvard under the supervison of Juergen Seifert, Hannover and David Kennedy, 1989

MA (LL.M.) International and Comparative Law, Brussels Free University, 1994

MA Public Administration, Kennedy School of Government of Harvard University, 1987

MA Studies Law Completed one semester, Graduate program, Int’l. law, Universidad De Chile, Fac. de Derecho, 1984

MA Economics, Finance and Management, Webster University, St. Louis, 1983

MA Political Sciences and Germanistics,University of Hannover , 1976

Diplome De L’Institut Europeen Des Hautes Etudes Internationales (and Certificat Etudes CEE), 1977

Diplome Diplome de la Langue et Civilisation Francaise, Sorbonne, Paris, 1973, signed a.o. by Rene Cassins

Licence D’Enseignement, Allemand, Teaching Degree, Universite de Paris VIII, 1973

Fellowships and Scholarships:

Visiting Scholar Center for International Studies, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2006

Fellow Program on Human Rights & Justice, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2004-06

Research Scholar Graduate Institute of International Studies (HEI), UNHCR sponsored, Dep. of Intl. Protection, Spring 2000

Visiting Researcher Harvard Law School, Dissertation: Preventive Action for Refugee Producing Situation, 1987-88

Associate Center for International Affairs, Harvard University, Jul 1988-Dec.’88

Associate Center for International Affairs, Harvard University, Nov. 1999-Jan. ‘00

Intl. Affairs Fellow Center for International Affairs (CFIA) Harvard University, 1987-88

Languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, working knowledge of Russian and Bulgarian;

Honours and Awards received include:

Nobel Peace Prize Certificate in recognition of devoted refugee service, 1981
UNHCR Gold pin in recognition of 25 years of distinguished refugee service, 2002
Harvard University and the Harvard Alumni Association (HAA) recognition for service as Regional Director for Europe 2004-2007

Seminars and Lectures delivered include:

Harvard Kennedy School, “Conversations with Practitioners” Series and Roundtables/Seminars on “UN and humanitarian issues”, 2005- 07

International Institute of Humanitarian Law, San Remo, Italy, Lecturer, 1996

Boston University, two semester graduate courses in Intl. Relations, European Campus Brussels, 1993-94

Institute of Int’l. Public Law & Int’l. Relations, University Thessaloniki, in the Summer session of 1993

Institut Du Droit De La Paix Et Du Developpement, Universite Nice, Charge de Cours, 1992-97

Institut Europeen des Hautes Etudes Internationales, Universite Nice, Charge de Cours, 1989- 97



Presentations/seminars include:

2008 Lecture at the Université de Paris 10 – Centre de droit international de Nanterre, CEDIN, Nanterre, Paris

2007 Lecture on “Failed States”, “EU Foreign and Security Policy and Refugees” Leibniz University Hannover

2007 KSG seminars and round tables on UN and humanitarianism studies, on post-conflict peace building and refugees

2007 Yale University, Interdisciplinary Bioethics Center &Yale Institute for Biospheric Studies, Demography & Population

2006 Round Tables on Reassessing International Humanitarianism, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University

2006 Lectured in the Panel on the International Criminal Court (ICC) for the Harvard UN Model

2006 Presentation at the “Fellows Round Table on World Affairs” UN Human Rights Council, Harvard’s WCFIA

2006 Class co- lectured on UN and Peacekeeping at Suffolk University, Boston

2006 Panel presentation on “Professionalisation of Humanitarian Aid” Intl. Dev. Conf. (IDC 2006), Harvard 2006 MC and Presentation at the ACUNS (Academic Council, UN System) Annual Conference 8-10 June 2006, PUC in Rio

de Janeiro my Research Project “Refugee Policy in Eurasia” and chaired two panels

2005 Boston University, 6th Annual Conference of the Central Eurasian Studies Society (CESS) and Kennedy School of Harvard

2004 New Bulgarian University (NBU), South-West University, lectures on Intl. and European refugee law and policy

2003 Harvard Law School Human Rights Program, Central Eurasian WG at Harvard, Fletcher School, CIS/CE & refugees

2002 Academy of European Law, European Univ. Institute, Florence, session on EU Asylum Law

2000 Sofia University, Center for European Studies, AUBG, University of National & World Economy, Lectures on refugees.

1999 Berkeley University, Program Soviet and Post-Soviet Studies, Building national capacities for refugee protection, USA

1999 Stanford University, Center for Russian and East European Studies, Lecture on refugees in Central Asia, USA

1991/94 College of Europe Bruges (lectures and seminars on refugee law and policy), Belgium

1992 Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Lecture in European Asylum Policy

1992/93 European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA), (lectures on refugee law); Netherlands

1993 MIT, Inter-University Committee MIT/BUB/Harvard/Fletcher on Intl. Migration (Seminar on refugee policy)

1994 Boston University, Dep. Intl. Relations (seminar on refugee policy and law), Boston; USA

1994 European University Institute (EUI), Florence (seminar on European asylum policy and law), Italy

1997 Universidade de Coimbra, (seminar on refugee law and policy at MA level), Coimbra, Portugal

1997 9kme Ed. Concours Pictet on int’l. humanitarian law, lecturer and member of the Jury, Portugal;

1998 Kazakh State Law University, KIMEP and others: Lectures on Refugee and Human Rights Protection

1999 Universite Quebec a Montreal (UQAM), Centre d’etdues sur le droit int’l., Lecture on refugee institutions, Canada

1986/88 Kennedy School of Government (KSG), Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, presentations on refugee law and policy

1984 Universidad de Chile, Faculty of Law, lectures on UNHCR and International Refugee Protection

Summer Sessions :

Academy of European Law, European University Institute, Florence, 2002 and 2005

Institute of Int’l. Public Law & Int’l. Relations, University of Thessaloniki, 1993 and 1995

Hague Academy of International Law, Public International Law, 1996, 2004 and 2007

Int’l Institute of Human Rights, Strasbourg, Human Rights Study Session/

Centre International de l’Enseignement des Droits de l’Homme dans les Universites (CIEDHU)

Past/present memberships include:

Int’l. Scientific C’ttee, Centre for European Refugees, Migration & Ethnic Studies (CERMES), New Bulgarian University, Sofia

Steering Committee of the Inter-University Committee on International Migration, Center for International Studies, MIT

Central Eurasian Studies Society (CESS), Davis Center for Russian and Eurasia Studies at Harvard University

Academic Council on the United Nations System (ACUNS), and UN Studies Working Group, Advisory Board

German United Nations Association (DGVN)

American Association of International Law (ASIL)

Association of Attenders and Alumni (AAA), The Hague Academy of International Law

International Political Science Association (IPSA)/ Association internationale de science politique

Harvard University: Elected/Appointed positions held include:

Founder and President of the Harvard-MIT-Leibniz University Alumni Academy, since 2007

Member of the Kennedy School Alumni Association Board of Directors, ex officio, Harvard University, 2005-2007

Harvard Alumni Association (HAA) Regional Director, Europe, 2004-2007

Elected Board Member-at-Large of the Harvard Club of Bulgaria, 2004-2005 2004-2005 Elected President of the Harvard Club of Bulgaria, Sofia, 2002 – 2004

Co-founder and Elected Vice President of the Harvard Club of Bulgaria, Sofia, 2001 – 2002

Co-founder of the Harvard Club of Kazakhstan, Almaty, 1998

Elected Member of the Board, Harvard Club of Belgium, Brussels, served 1991-1994

Elected Member of the Executive Alumni Council of Harvards’ J.F. Kennedy School of Government, 1990-1994

Elected President of the CFIA Fellows, Center for International Affairs (CFIA) Harvard University(1978-88),

Co-Chair of the Intl. Affairs and Security Working Group, Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government 1986-1987

Extracurricular Work includes: Olympic Games, Aug 1972; World Football Championship, 1974; Intern, Carl-Duisberg Gesellschaft assisting foreign students 1974 – 1975, College of Adult Education of Hannover (gave seminars for integration of refugees and migrants) 1973 – 1975; Amnesty International, Hannover