Veröffentlichungen / Publications

Publications: Books, authored/ edited/ co-edited

  • Innovations in Refugee Protection…   Peter Lang 2014

  • Reference Book on REFUGEES IN BULGARIA: Building of the national system for refugee protection 1993-2003, eds. Druke/Antonov, June 2004 by UNHCR Sofia, 160 pages (in English and Bulgarian)
  • Collection of Documents and Research on the International Conference PROGRAMME FOR INTEGRATION OF REFUGEES IN BULGARIA Sofia, October 2000, UNHCR Sofia 2001, 168 pages.
  • Collection of Documents on Refugees and Persons in Refugee Like Situations in the Republic of Kazakhstan with comparative research and analyses concerning countries in Central Asia and the CIS, eds. Druke/Rogov/Turisbekov/Argumbaev, published by UNHCR Almaty October 1998:
    English version
    414 pages
    Russian version 478 pages
    Kazakh version 257 pages

Journal articles/ Book chapters

  • “Recent UN Studies Initiatives”, in: UN Studies, Umrisse eines Lehr-und Forschungsfeldes, ed. By Manuel Froehlich, in the Series The United Nations and Global Change of NOMOS, 2008, pp 193-209.
  • “Refugee regimes in post-communist countries” in From Ethnicity to Migration, Vol. 1, Sofia 2004, pp. 107-143 (English), (Bulgarian)
  • “Information Technology and Protection of Refugees”, in Feminist Challenges in the Information Age, Leske+Budrich, Opladen 2002
  • “Most of the World’s Refugee are Children”, in: The Refugee Today and Tomorrow, 4, 2001, pp.3-4, Sofia 2001, published by the Association on Refugees & Migrants of the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee.
  • “Complementary forms and accelerated procedures to deal with certain refugee situations”, in: The Refugee Today and Tomorrow, Issue 1, 2001, Year IV, pp. 2-6, Sofia 2001, published by Association on Refugees & Migrants of the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee in partnership with BHC and UNHCR.
  • “Capacity and Institution Building in the CIS in Refugee and Human Rights Protection with Emphasis on Central Asia and Kazakhstan”, in: Revue quebecoise de qroit international, Volume 13.2, 2000, pp 99-143
  • “A harmonizacao da Politica de Asilo e a CIG 1996 – Perspectivas de proteccao dos refugiados nos paises da Uniao da Uniao Europea, in O Estado do Mundo, Actas Dos IV Cursos Internacionais de Verao de Cascais, Camara Municipal de Cascais, Portugal 1998, pp. 165-219.
  • “Democratization: Mozambique”, Development and Democratization Conference Report. European-Southern African Partnership, AWEPA, Brussels, Belgium, 7-8 October 1993, pp. 39-44.
  • “Evolving European Asylum Policy”, in II Govemo det Movimenti Migratori in Europa: Cooperazione o Conflitto. Societa e Lavoro, Simposi interdisciplinari, Bologna 1992, Casa edititrice Jovene 1993 - Napoli, pp. 109 -122.